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Season's Greetings


It's been a crazy quarter so far. Sites are popping up left and right

First and foremost, we will be launching a new website for Master Gorino's Pil-Sung Tae Kwon Do in a few days. It's a great new design with a ton of exciting new content and a new site that leverages WordPress and . Be on the lookout for it in our portfolio and on his site.

Secondly, we worked hard on some new updates to the Delaware Valley Regional Valley Planning Commision's "Classic Towns" website. Having visited and shopped at some of the cities that the commission oversees, it was great to be able to work on a project that hits close to home.

Finally, I (Jon) will be presenting at this month's Buffalo PHP meetup at Synacor. I will be presenting on Yahoo's developer APIs, so if you want to hang out with some nerds for a few hours, it should be a great time.